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Matthew and Fernando's primary interest in the dismal science of economics (and cryptoeconomics) has always been in the field of monetary policy.


Matthew Mezinskis

Matthew is an American of Latvian decent, residing in Eastern Europe since 2006. He consults investors across the real estate, hospitality, food & beverage and online direct lending industries. He was an early board member of Ronald McDonald House Charities Latvija, serving as financial director. He holds a BBA in Finance and Real Estate from the University of Cincinnati. He has been following Bitcoin since 2011.


fernando ulrich

Fernando holds a Masters in Austrian School Economics from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. He resides in Southern Brazil, and is Head of Cryptocurrency Research at XP Investimentos. He authored the first Portugese book on Bitcoin. He blogs on the largest financial news portal in Brazil and hosts a YouTube channel titled Moeda na era digital, "Money in the Digital Age." He is a board member of Mises Institute Brazil.

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