what we're doing

Crypto Voices is about education. A bit of entertainment too. The focus is on Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital ledger technology and broader FinTech, including all of the benefits and challenges that come with these breakthrough technologies.

Launched in 2009, Bitcoin was a milestone in peer-to-peer and cryptographic communication, decentralized verification, immutable transacting, and money. Bitcoin wove many interesting pieces of technology together, and the creativity flowing from these ideas is not slowing down. It's compounding.

We understand the words Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, digital money and blockchain have come to mean different things to different people. We admit to using these terms interchangeably on this site, and believe that, however Bitcoin and other blockchains competitively emerge, these ideas will soon be as ubiquitous across the globe as the Internet is today, just as that was quite hard to understand not so long ago. If they aren't, then that means the world will have found something better than blockchain technology, which is a good thing.

Bitcoin and other cryptoassets offer something different. Some consider them as the most secure, private, efficient, and liberty-oriented form of communication today. Cryptographic blockchains can be used as money, digital commodities, verifiable asset registries and collateral, decentralized governance, prediction markets, secure storage and secure messaging. They are not limited to these things. Bitcoin may do some, most, or all of these things. Regardless of who "wins"if any one blockchain does "win"the ideas emerging from those working on and promoting these tools are important, arguably more important for society than the Internet. Blockchains are promoting like-minded association and an incredibly free flow of thought around the world, in a "more secure" manner that has not been seen before. The interesting thing is that no government needs to (and we may find cannot) tell anyone how to act or what to do here.

We generally view this as a good thing, and hope the world will become a better place for it.

The content on Crypto Voices comes in two forms:

audio podcast

Available above, the podcast itself comes in two formats. The first is more "traditional," covering topical news on cryptoeconomics mixed with expert interviews ("Shows"). The second format is more appropriately described as an evolving audio book on blockchain tech ("Chapters"). One way or another, subscribers to Crypto Voices can listen to commentary, from experts and enthusiasts, covering longer-term trends on cryptoeconomics and liberty. Unless otherwise noted, Crypto Voices did receive permission from all authors to reproduce in audio, or their work was Creative Commons-licensed for remixing.

long-scale data

Crypto Voices offers in-depth, long-scale, historical charts and tables covering various blockchain network and economic data, updated daily. There are many great outlets on the web covering some of these trends. The focus here is arguably more on economic and financial education, not just in cryptocurrency but in general. At present there are 200 detailed charts covering five blockchains, as well as fiat currencies, in this research. We intend to add more chains and data as time and resources allow.

a disclaimer

The content and tone of Crypto Voices is indeed geared to the benefits of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, but Crypto Voices attempts to cover emerging risks as well. Crypto Voices certainly strives to avoid myopia and pollyannaism, though does not pretend to be neutral nor unbiased. Third party information is verified or corrected as possible, but Crypto Voices cannot be held accountable for any inaccuracies on its own part or that of third parties. The content provided on Crypto Voices is certainly not intended to be investment nor legal advice.

If you would like to hear or see something covered on Crypto Voices, please write us.