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market cap & price history

Chart notes:

  • Green area: Total market cap of all network coins outstanding, in US$;
  • Blue line: Market price of coin, in US$;
  • White line: 200-day moving average of blue line.

market cap & price history explained

Though typically a term applied to stocks, the cryptocurrency industry uses the term "market cap" to reflect the total market value of any given coin, at any given time. It's calculated as the market price (here in US dollars) multiplied by the total number of coins in circulation.

The market capmore than priceis one of the most important data points in the blockchain industry. For now, the crypto world typically prices market cap in US dollars, though it can certainly be looked at in any fiat currency.

The 200-day moving average (200-day MA) is generally regarded as the long-term trend indicator for market price; if the price is trading above the 200-day MA its trend is bullish, below the 200-day MA its trend is bearish.

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