24h trading volume

Coin's first chart (in US$ terms) - Green area is total coin exchange-traded volume per day, in US$; White line is all-time average of green area; Blue line is market price of coin, in US$.

Coin's second chart legend (in coin terms) - Green area is total coin exchange-traded volume per day; Blue line is total coin exchange-traded volume as % of coin supply:

24h trading volume explained

Exchange traded volume is a useful metric in comparing the demand and speculation occurring at any given time for a particular asset relative to others. Graphed below is the history of trading volume of various cryptocurrencies, priced in US dollars. This does not mean it reflects only the US dollar-pair trades for that particular coin; rather, it includes the total trading value for all fiat and cryptocurrency pairs traded for a particular coin, converted to US dollars. For example, in the case of Litecoin, its chart includes the total trading value across a 24-hour period of all trades into and out of Litecoin on major exchanges, whether a trade was made with US dollars, euros or yen, as well as with Bitcoin or Dogecoin or others.

In the fiat currency world, the FOREX market is by far the largest and most liquid market in the world, trading around $5 trillion in value each day. This is much larger than trades in global stock markets, bond markets, or commodity markets.